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Behavior & Uniform Policies

All students receive a planner for the year that includes rules, policies, and consequences.

Since July, 1997, the Project Ho'ihi team has developed and refined the school discipline plan that centers on Respect (ho'ihi) for self, others, and property. The plan was developed with students and parents and has been shared with parents and community.  

Contraband includes all dangerous or illegal items and includes all toys and games.  When non-dangerous contraband is found, it is returned to the child at the end of the day or the parent may pick it up.  

Chapter 19 (DOE Administrative Rules) delineates consequences for student misconduct that apply to all students in the DOE system.  

The school has a Uniform Policy and a dress code.  Uniforms must be worn on Mon-Thur.

The Board of Education Wellness Policy promotes healthy choices.  Healthy snacks such as raisins and crackers are allowed, but candy, soda, and other sugary or crispy snacks are not allowed.