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History of Ma'ili

Ma`ili Elementary first opened her doors on September, 1963. There were 20 classrooms and 18 teachers. The grass took a long time to grow so the 585 students had to play on the concrete walkway areas. Access roads to the school was not paved and students and teachers had to deal with the dust or mud problems.

Finding teachers to teach on the Leeward Coast was very difficult since transportation was a major problem. The solution was to have teachers' cottages on the school grounds. Several cottages were built and each housed 4 teachers. today, there are no teacher cottages.

Although opened in 1963, the school was never formally dedicated until April 29, 1966. By that time, all four classroom buildings, A, B, C, and a two-story D buildings had been completed and ready for classes. The Reverend Dr. Abraham Akaka performed the dedication ceremonies, on a Friday in conjunction with the school's annual May Day program.

There was an auto junk yard in the school's field. The junk yard was finally moved and we now have a large field to play on.

Ma`ili Elementary, today, has the same physical structures except for the addition of 18 portable classrooms and a student population that has almost doubled.