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Admissions & Registration

Admission: Ma'ili Elementary School is open to all Kindergarten to 6th graders who live between Ma`iliili Road and upper Hakimo Road.

Kindergarten registration is open to all children who have turned 5 by July 31st of that year.  

Registration & Transfers: 
  • New students registering for Kindergarten and from out-of-state need:
  • birth certificate
  • social security number
  • current physical examination records
  • current TB test result
  • Hepatitis inoculation

Students who transfer from other schools need:
  • a certificate of release from previous school
  • current address

To Transfer to another school:
  • Please inform the office at least two days in advance so that we can prepare a certificate of release
  • We need a current address and the name of the new school
  • Also, parents need to settle accounts and return library books or textbooks before transferring. 
Medical Requirements: The State Department of Health requires students students entering schools in Hawaii for the first time to have the following:
  1. Tuberculin (Mantoux) test- Student must be free from active tuberculosis as determined by a tuberculin test or x-ray.
  2. Physical examination
  3. Immunizations (DPT, polio, MMR).

Incoming Kindergarteners must receive a physical examination before September so that our medical history on each student will be up to date. Every doctor has the Form 14 for this checkup. This form should be presented to the health aide in September. Any deviations from the normal, i.e. asthma, rheumatic fever, etc., should be brought to the attention of the school.
If for any reason the student is unable to participate in physical education, a written medical excuse from a doctor is required, the reason and duration of the restriction. This note should be turned into the health aide at the beginning of the year or the onset of any particular restriction.